The Issues

Economic Development


We need to focus our efforts on promoting small business development, community empowerment, and innovative environmental technologies to foster growth in Wisconsin’s economy. 

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Reinvesting in Public Education


The Voucher Tax on Milwaukee has not worked, and it is time to put this failed experiment to an end. 

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Transit in Milwaukee


We need to provide dedicated funding for transit that is linked to job growth, regionalize transit service, planning and governance, and link transportation investment decisions to key urban development goals.

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Non-Partisan Redistricting


One of my top priorities will be to put an end to partisan redistricting in Wisconsin and bring back the traditional Wisconsin values that have been under attack because of the extreme nature of current state politics.

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Voting Rights in Wisconsin


The reason behind the recent push to change our open, democratic voting laws is transparently partisan and it is unacceptable.

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The Student Debt Crisis


By making college unaffordable without the use of high-interest loans, we continuing down the path which will ultimately erode our the middle class.That is why I am supporting the Higher Ed, Lower Debt Bill.

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